Artis’ Postcard: An Artistic Travel Album

Tamara Ognjević
Istoričarka umetnosti, heritolog i književnica
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In the mid-March of the current year, the World Health Organization has declared the pandemic. Coronavirus has literally stopped the planet and started to change our lives from their roots on all levels. Planes were grounded long-term, museums, archeological parks, theaters, operas, churches, restaurants, and other institutions that, by default, consider the gathering of a large number of people have been closed. We have been locked into the isolation which we have never encountered before. The overnight shift could be deemed almost as fantastic.

Our civilization used to traveling, visiting exhibitions, attending concerts or lectures all of a sudden found itself a hostage of its own homes with a single-window to the world – the internet. This exact, crucial instrument of communication has started off numerous initiatives in which museums and institutions alike took the lead of, while the audiences across the world showed how imaginative and humorous they are.

Recreations of favorite artworks, online lectures, and concerts with whole orchestras synchronized from their apartments, ballet performances, various podcasts, and even curatorial tours – all from our own homes!

Artis' Postcard: An Artistic Travel Album #IMD2020

Jumping onto the wave of these diverse initiatives, Artis Center has joined the recreation of artworks, but it has also started off an authentic project – the Artis’ Postcard.

Aware that we won’t be able to travel and visit museums, historic sites, and other cultural monuments for a long time, we have invited our audience to join us in creating an artistic travel album by sending photos from their travels.

The criteria are rather simple. One city or a country - one postcard in the shape of the collage of a minimum of 3 photographs. One of those photographs preferably showing the author of the postcard, whether alone, or with family and friends.

The postcard must include a museum, artwork, or tangible or intangible cultural heritage.

Exceptions are allowed only if the idea is original and the way of its interpretation coherent and connected. We are always led by Coco Chanel’s saying that less is more, but we allow our audiences to be original, and it is on us to recognize and accept that authenticity.

Thus we have invited everyone on a group, virtual voyage while the world is paused.

As such, we have received so many postcards that not only we have decided to create an artistic travel album, but a virtual exhibition out of it! The show will be displayed on May 18th, when we traditionally mark the International Museum Day. Following the International Council of Museums’ decision to move the celebration into the digital sphere, our exhibition is mapped on ICOM’s IMD 2020 platform and will be available on our website. We'll also join the biggest museum manifestation in Serbia - Museums for 10.

Our album currently counts over 100 postcards, but we are still inviting you to join us. If you want, send your postcard the latest by May 12th to with a short description of where the postcard is taken, what does it feature, and your name.

You may see more Artis' Postcards on our FB pageHERE!

Find the event on ICOM's IMD 2020 map HERE!

Take part in creating one extraordinary travel album!

Artis' Postcard: Zorana Drašković, V&A, Dior exhibition, London
Artis' Postcard: Ivana Neckov Grubišić, Florence
Artis' Postcard: Lana Vučković, Beijing
Artis' Postcard: Ana Mikić D'Apuzzo, Japan
Artis' Postcard: Branka Djordjević-Nakanishi, Saint-Paul-de Vence, Provence, France
Artis' Postcard: Boban Ćurić, Snežana Kostić, Romania
Artis' Postcard: Suzana Spasić, New York
Artis' Postcard: Pavle Tišma, Meteors, Greece
Artis' Postcard: Slavica Batos, Burma
Artis' Postcard: Jana Raković, Mexico
Artis' Postcard: Božena Jurčić, Egypt
Artis' Postcard: Biljana Djordjević, Alcala de Henares, Spain
Artis' Postcard: Stefan Žarić, Edinburgh, Scotland
Artis's Postcard: Irena Klemenc, Prague, Czech Republic
Artis' Postcard: Gordana Jovanović, Rome
Artis' Postcard: Tamara Ognjević, Savoca, Sicily
Artis' Postcard: Sava Forkapić, Žiča, Serbia
Artis' Postcard: Žaklina Perić, Pula, Croatia
Artis' Postcard: Sachi Simada, Central & Western Serbia

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Tamara Ognjević
Istoričarka umetnosti, heritolog i književnica

Diplomirala je Istoriju umetnosti na Filozofskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu. Na istom fakultetu završava poslediplomske studije. Usavršavala se u Americi, Francuskoj i Engleskoj, a 2008. je diplomirala PR menadžment na uglednoj međunarodnoj školi London School of PR. Licencirani je turizmolog i ekspert za kulturno preduzetništvo u oblasti heritologije, likovne i primenjene umetnosti, i kulturnog turizma.


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